How To Fix Internet Speed

To overcome weak Wi-Fi signals through the installation of a booster can be tricky if not done correctly done. Some tips to ensure you achieve maximum results include;

  • Proper placement

Where you place, the extender is very important, hence a lot of trial and era is expected until you reach the right spot. Consider the AC outlets and dead zones as you choose your spot. The best spot to place is somewhere between the main router and where you desire to extend the Wi-Fi signal. Using the manufacturer’s manual plugin and link the router. When in operation, test the Wi-Fi signal from the dead zone. Likewise, examine the bandwidth through the speed test. The speed may not be as high as direct from the router, and it will step up higher.

  • Adjust Antennas

In case the booster has external antennas, reposition them to achieve the best signal.  For those whose antennas are removable, you can swipe them to boost a higher sensitivity.

You can also make use of Wi-Fi reflectors, which can be made manually from aluminum foil. An empty soda bottle can be used to direct the Wi-Fi signal to your choice of direction.

  • Achieving strong signal in multistory buildings

Multistory buildings can absorb Wi-Fi signals through the building materials, causing a reduction of Wi-Fi signal in some rooms. To solve this challenge, the router and extender should be placed close to each other on the same floor.

  • Avoid Wi-Fi obstacles

Wi-Fi signals can be obstructed by objects like mirrors, metal, stray radio signals, baby monitors, refrigerators, cordless phones, and microwaves. Hence it should be considered when picking a location for the Wi-Fi router booster.

  • Choice of the network name

Using the same encryption passcode and network name on the router and booster can cause signal overlaps in the areas covered by both devices. This kind of challenge can be overcome by using different network names and passcodes on the Wi-Fi router and Wi-Fi router booster.

  • App Assistance

An App can help to analyze your Wi-Fi internet speeds and signal strength in different locations. The best apps to use are those that are compliant with Android and iOS. They help to optimize and set up extenders and the entire network.

In conclusion

Working with weak Wi-Fi signal can be annoying and time-wasting. But this can be corrected by fixing a Wi-Fi router booster, considering the above factors, to achieve increased signal and improved speed.

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