Types of Magicians

The two broad categories of magicians are stage magicians and close-up magicians. The two broad categories of magicians are further sub-divided also. So, now we will read about the different types of magicians.

Different types of magicians



This type of magic trick is usually performed on large scale by magicians. These magic tricks usually involve several props such as mirrors, boxes and also an assistant. It is one of the most famous forms of magic tricks performed by magicians. It was portrayed first time on television in the 1960s.

Monologue Magician

In this, magicians perform their tricks while they engage their audience in telling the history of the magic. Magicians misdirect the audience’s attention from magic tricks to their talks so that they can perform their illusions easily.

Black Art Magician

Black Art Magician

Black Art magicians use several types of props and illusions. Magicians perform these magic tricks on stage having black velvet curtains and composed and dim lights. These magic tricks are performed by magicians since the 1800s. Black art magicians mainly try to mix their art and magic to entertain their audience.



A mentalist magician performs magic tricks with the help of mental ability and skills. Mentalist Magicians are also known as Paranormals. These magicians have deep knowledge of psychology. These magicians use several techniques to show their magic tricks. These techniques involve telepathy, perception and telekinesis.

Comedy Magician

Comedy has been an indispensable part of magic. Comedy magicians focus on comedy more than magic. There are cases where their magic tricks fail but they never fail to entertain their audience through comedy. Comedy magic shows are run in a huge part of the UK.

Geek Magicians

These magicians do not show any kind of magic to their audience but they focus on sideshow stuff in front of their audience. This can include swallowing razor blades or hammering nails in their hand or face.

Animal Magician

Animal Magician

Magic with an animal was first performed in 1814. In animal magic shows, magicians portray their magic skills with big cats, rabbits and other exotic animals.

Sleight of Hand Magician

The magicians of this type usually portray their skills using coins, cards and balls. These magic tricks are usually performed in front of a small audience.

These are the different types of magic tricks that are performed by magicians all around the world. These magic tricks have become a big source of entertainment for people, and you can hire a magician with these skills if you need better entertainment.

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