Travelers’ Attention! Know How To Maintain Good Oral Hygiene While Travelling Round The Clock!

In a world that’s increasingly becoming more interconnected, the need to travel every now and then is one that we can’t wish away. Whether for business, pleasure; traveling is such that it is fun, that sense of adventure visiting new places is something we all look forward to. Yet, with traveling comes the need to make the necessary arrangements not just to enjoy your trip, but also ensure personal hygiene. The latter is particularly of importance as poor hygiene can be an embarrassment, to say the least. At worst, it could lead to diseases. Good oral hygiene while traveling gives you confidence; it also keeps your mouth healthy and disease free.

When traveling round the clock, there are some basic tips that you should always have at your finger tips. They are meant to ensure that your oral health and wellness isn’t compromised in any way;

  1. Better safe than sorry; when planning for your trip, whether it’s a vacation or whatever, start by having a backup plan. Rather than relying on one toothbrush, have about 3 toothbrushes and 2 or so different tubes of toothpaste. This means that in case one gets lost or misplaced, or if circumstances dictate that you share with a friend, you’ll still have yourself well covered.
  2. Keep your toothbrushes clean and fresh; assuming that you are traveling for a weekend camping expedition or outdoor event, chances are that your brush will gather some dust particles, including some too tiny for your naked eye to pick. Get a toothbrush cover to ensure that your toothbrushes are always free of any dust, hair or cloth remnants, and such like. Your teeth are only as clean as the toothbrush that cleans them. But again, never store your toothbrush in a case while still wet as this may attract some bacteria to form.
  3. Flossing; the beauty of traveling round the clock is that it gives you plenty of free time to sit idle and stare out at the scenery. That’s the perfect time to be flossing your teeth. In instances where you have traveled in a hurry and didn’t even get time to brush your teeth, flossing is a godsend. It effectively removes food particles stuck in between your teeth, thus aerating the cavities. Always desist from using toothpicks and other sharp objects to pick food remnants from your teeth; they harm your gums.
  4. Choose your foods wisely; it is always wise to pick your foods wisely when traveling round the clock. Some foods especially those made of dairy products tend to ferment fast; your breath won’t be pleasant unless you brush thoroughly. Similarly, starch tends to form layers on your teeth almost immediately after a meal. We usually advise people that when traveling, it suffices to munch on an apple, nuts, and water. These make you feel full, and stimulate your taste buds to release fresher saliva.
  5. Mouth rinse with water; how about gurgling and swashing water in your mouth after meal, to rinse any food remnants? This always works where you are away from the convenience of a toothbrush and toothpaste. By swashing water all over your mouth, taking time to direct the streams on every side of the mouth helps dislodge any particles stuck in there. A mouth rinse after flossing also does well in washing out particles that have been dislodged.

In summary;

Your oral hygiene during travel is as important as your passport or credit card. You have to guard it dearly lest you ruin your trip. The above tips are super easy; you need to always have those at your finger tips each time you are on the go.

By Angel Smile

Traveling in Bulgaria with a EHIC card

If you are a traveler looking for a unique place to travel to that has a cocktail blend of lowland mountains, with enchanting sublime beaches, great hiking experience and spot on sporty atmosphere, Bulgaria could just be it.  Bulgaria is an exotic place for many European travelers who value favorable climatic conditions dictated by cool winters, mild autumn and warm breezy summers. It is a place you can travel with your spouse or family as more and more Europeans travelers book to experience it. All you need to explore the diverse beauty of Bulgaria is a backpack, travelling documents and an Electronic Health Insurance Card.

An EHIC card is form of travel insurance card that allows you as a Briton, Swiss or EU citizen to access necessary medical services across all European Economic Areas. This means that as a citizen of the EU you can obtain equal state provided medical care similar to all Bulgarian nationals. If you are in UK and still worried about the impact of Brexit decision on your EHIC card, then you should not be worried as there are no revisions to the EHIC card benefits. Be confident of using you EHIC card as the application procedure is simple and its benefits multiple.

Applying For the Card

Application procedure for your European health insuarance card can easily be done online via the EHIC app and website, or through your National Insurance Organization irrespective of whether you live in the UK or Bulgaria.

EHIC Benefit covers

With an EHIC card at hand you can receive state healthcare services in Bulgaria for free or at a reduced cost. This is especially important in circumstances where you are not able to pay for your medical bills via your travel insurance card.

In case you are Pregnant you can also rip benefit from the EHIC card as the card allows you to get routine maternity checkups. The only caution here is that just as in any other EHIC affiliate county, in Bulgaria you will not receive any maternity health care if it is discovered that your main reason for travelling there is to give birth.

Thanks to the EHIC Card, many kidney patients can breathe easy as they can get renal dialysis services. If you are therefore a dialysis patient, you doctor can help you make early travel arrangements in Bulgaria by consulting a dialysis service near your destination.  Oxygen therapy is also available via EHIC.

While in Bulgaria your EHIC card is not limited in use. Once accepted in a hospital, you can use it from the time you jet in to Bulgaria to the time you leave. You can read more on

What EHIC doesn’t cover

When travelling to Bulgaria, there are some things that you need to be aware of as far as accessing medical treatment via EHIC card is concerned.

One of them is that the EHIC card does not cover for treatment in most private hospitals. There are a minute of those who will accept the EHIC card and those that don’t. To confirm these, inquire from the hospital administrators and you will get all the information you need.

As an Oxygen therapy patient you will have to incur the additional cost of getting approval for the oxygen tank to be installed in your hotel room.


Travelling to explore the city and sites of Bulgaria can be a magnificent experience only if you are sure of staying healthy. One way to do this is to have an EHIC card with you. To begin you travel plans, visit a trusted website and follow the simple EHIC Card online application procedure as many UK citizens have done successfully.

9 Tips To Grow A Business In UK And Break Free Economically

Businesses here in the UK have experienced much uncertainty since the June Brexit Vote. The British Pound fell to a low that has never been witnessed for the last 30 years; major companies and organizations threatened to take their headquarters away from the UK, while financial analysts went as far as to warn that things looked bleak for the UK as a  perfect destination for doing business. But a few months down the line, has anything changed much? Not really! The Pound has since stabilized, and businesses are thriving again, having weathered the tide of propaganda and misinformation that characterized the Brexit Vote. However, that’s not to say that you should sit pretty and expect your business to do well!

Below we have compiled for you 9 good tips to help grow your business here in the UK, and break free economically;

  1. Embrace technology; all the top businesses here in the UK, whether large or small, have all embraced technology. A huge number of consumers rely on their hand held devices to research, and learn more about the goods or services they’re looking for in the UK.
  2. Embrace digital marketing; digital marketing simply means marketing your business, and making yourself known via the internet. The UK is home to many reputable and effective digital marketing companies, and these help take your services or brand to potential consumers who rely on the internet for their searches.
  3. Embrace social media; the beauty of social media is that it is free, yet very effective in promoting a small business and reaching more audiences.
  4. Honesty is the best policy in business; regardless of the nature of your business, always be honest when doing business here in the UK.
  5. Dare to be unique and different; sure, you don’t have to follow the same script everyone else is doing. Want to open an ice cream shop in London? Go ahead and even offer delivery services on order when everyone else is waiting for buyers to come to their shops!
  6. Try to be affordable; don’t overprice your goods or services especially if you are just starting the business.
  7. Customer and client feedback matters a lot; never ignore the feedback or queries of your customers/ clients. You get to learn their concerns, and also make them feel appreciated as your loyal customers.
  8. Look at your competitors; you can always see what competitors are doing, then do it better or differently without letting them know about it.
  9. Be patient and realistic; lastly, be patient and realistic. Breaking free economically takes time to actualize but with time, you’ll get there!