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The days of a newborn baby can be described in only two words from the parent’s perspective, beautiful and exhausting. Although we all adore those days because of the former adjective, the latter does concern most parents and worry them a lot. Sleep deprivations become a very common occurring as parents are required to wake up numerous times at night. From a mother’s point of view recovering from childbirth becomes very tough. In case of most parents, their life with a newborn make them doubt their capabilities and question every decision they make. But it shouldn’t be like that, should it? Learning a few tricks in such cases helps the newborn’s parents cope up with the daily struggles and ease their life a bit.

How does baby tricks and tips help?

Parents learn a lot on the job. They discover little by little every day as they grow more confident and efficient learning these baby hacks. Surviving the newborn stage requires moms and dads to learn and apply a lot of hacks so that the days become more manageable. Read on to learn more about these helpful tips and tricks.

  1. During messy accidents onesies can be pulled down quickly.’

One easy thing that most people tend to ignore that all onesies have envelope flaps around their collar. The common misconception is that they are designed to accommodate heads of different sizes and make it more comfortable for us to pull a shirt over the baby’s head. They have much more important functions than that. They actually allow us to pull the onesie down. Contrary to the normal convention where we lift the onesie over the baby’s head, in case of a poop explosion we need to think of a way to pull it down and remove it. The envelope flap comes into play in such scenarios.

  1. Get rid of gas using the elbow to knee hack

The baby’s gas and digestion is one of the major concern of the parents. Parents usually go through a lot of things to ensure that their newborn doesn’t face gas issues but unfortunately nothing seem to work. The elbow to the knee trick works wonders in such cases. Every time your baby’s elbow touches his knee he would fart out a little gas and it would miraculously happen again when the opposite limbs touch each other. So, this is how you do it. Lie your baby on his back and move his left elbow and right knee towards each other and try to touch them. Then try the alternate limbs and repeat these movements for a few times.

baby tips and tricks

  1. Do not let your baby stay awake for more than 90 minutes

We tend to think that babies can fall asleep anywhere and under any circumstances. That is why we never monitor their sleep hours and keep a track of how long he has been awake. This ignorance might lead to the baby staying awake for long and hence becoming overtired and cranky. This makes it more difficult for us to make him fall asleep. A newborn baby can stay comfortably awake for about 90 minutes before he starts feeling uncomfortable and drowsy. That is why parents must keep a track of the time their baby is awake and make him fall asleep in regular time intervals. With better sleep the baby will not suffer from overstimulation and hence feel a lot less cranky.

  1. Always remember to feed him after he wakes up

Now when you have mastered the art of putting your baby to sleep you would notice that your baby needs a lot of rocking and nursing to help him fall asleep and even after he is asleep a little sound or movement would interfere with his sleep and would wake him up. In order to take care of this we need to feed him after his sleep and not before. There is an E.A.S.Y technique by Tracy Hogg which translates to Eat, Awake, Sleep, You. You only feed him after he wakes up from his sleep. This provides your baby energy to stay awake. During his awake time, he would use up all his power and then feel sleepy.

  1. Hold your baby in alternative ways.

Where does the baby most prefer to be in? In his mother’s arms. Now every mother must find it adorable to snuggle his baby but to do that continuously is not sustainable at all. She needs her arms to do a lot of work as well. That is why mothers need to find alternative positions to hold their babies and hence use the help of some mechanical gears. Gears such as a baby wrap or a swing or even a stroller reduce the amount of work a mother has to do to hold their babies close to them. Check out the offers at Dealvoucherz to buy your needed things at the lowest prices.

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